Every Tongue and Nation

February 21st marked International Mother Language Day.  Whenever I think about languages, I think of the vast amount of languages heard on the streets of New York City every single day.  The New York Times has estimated that there are 800 languages spoken in NYC [source].  There...
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What is a Baptist?

So what is a Baptist anyway? Though not a complete list of everything which Baptists believe, the acrostic below should be helpful in outlining what a traditional Baptist believes. At Emmaus Road Baptist Church, we are an independent Baptist church. That means that we are not a...
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Two Disciples and a Stranger

Where is Emmaus Road?

“You can’t get there from here!” Perhaps you have already done a quick search on your phone to find Emmaus Rd. If you ask a cab driver to take you to Emmaus Road in the Bronx, I guarantee you He is not going to find it. That is because Emmaus Road is not a street in the Bronx....
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