Fixer Upper: Working with Christ to Build a Better Home

Our spring Ladies Luncheon was last weekend.  The theme was “Fixer Upper: Working with Christ to Build a Better Home.”  It was fun to branch out of the more feminine themes and do something most of us ladies know nothing about – a tool party!

We played several games, including Name that Tool, The Price is Right, and Guess the Measurement.  We also had some jars full of nails and had to guess how many there were.  But perhaps the most fun game was a nail pounding contest! Table one beat table two in this relay race to pound some nails straightly into a board!  The point of these fun games was to remind us that even the best tools are no good unless they are in the hands of a skilled builder who knows what he is doing.  God has given us the Bible full of all the tools we need to live godly in Christ Jesus – but it’s no good unless we let His Holy Spirit, as the wise masterbuilder, apply the tools to our lives!

Sherry Hyden was our guest speaker.  We laughed along with her stories of fixing up their 100+ year old home in Long Island.  We also learned that each one of us is a Fixer Upper – we all have a sin problem.  When we come to Jesus, everyone gets a renovation.  But, we have to live in this body of flesh while Jesus is molding us into a beautiful masterpiece.  Sherry explained that every Fixer Upper needs the right foundation – Jesus Christ.  We were reminded that renovation requires imagination.  Sometimes we need to take a step back and imagine what God has in store for our homes – like love, joy, peace, patience, etc.  And no “Fixer Upper” is ever totally done.  We won’t be completely like Christ until we are in glory with Him!



Name That Tool

Tasha and Jasmin pounding nails

Miriam and Lacey in the Nail Pounding contest

Sherry Hyden was the guest speaker

Emmaus Road Baptist Church Ladies Luncheon!

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Andrea is married to Pastor Ben Hamilton. She came to NYC from Colorado, but has learned to embrace urban living. She is a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom to sevenbeautiful children.

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